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Tia McGraff's Inspirational Single "Sometimes Love's Like That"

From her 2022 EP release With Love, Tia Graff has released the single Sometimes Love’s Like That. A sentimental country song with a soft rock-inspired syncopation that reminds me of Linda Ronstadt or the Carpenters. Tia Graff utilizes lyrics that make use of nature imagery, the moon, the stars, the crashing waves, butterflies, etc. to create a mournful, and sentimental feeling. These organic and raw symbols evoke a mournful sentimentality adding to the imagery of a past life or love you can’t get past. Sometimes Love’s Like That features a down-tempo feel which is employed to give this song a sad and nostalgic feeling. There was a certain regretful and resigned feeling to this track that often gives the illusion that the vocals are lagging behind the beat. A creative decision for sure is to have the syncopation come from the vocals as the beat feels rushed and slightly faster in feel than the vocals. Despite the fact that the song was downtrodden, the vocals have a theatrical sensibility that gives this track a wider feel, that it was written for a melodramatic setting like a cafe for a theater where the emotional motive is meant to appeal to a vast listener group.

Tia Graff, also a children's writer employs this writing dynamic to deliver a poignant story within her lyrical structure. The imagery and metaphors employed allow this writer to transcend into the popular music field. Of course, having an expert engineering team on the board for this one truly helped bring Sometimes Love’s Like That to life and allow this mix to stand out as a professional, mature, and competent mix whereas every frequency is separated allowing the overtones to ring out crisp and clean. Sometimes Love’s Like That could fit easily into any Country, Folk, Adult Contemporary, or Middle-Of-The-Road commercial radio playlist, the soft-natured feelings of this track make Sometimes Love’s Like That perfect for the office or a calm drive. A very enjoyable track, although the sentimentality really forces the listener to be in a proper state of mind for a track of this magnitude. If you need something uplifting, or inspirational Sometimes Love’s Like That would be a great track to check out.


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