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The sizzling track by SAVARRE delivers three minutes and twenty-two seconds of a powerful hit

SAVARRE is one of the most talented musical outfits currently active, and their single demonstrates why they are superior to their peers.

Exceptional in every way, the music and vocals will draw you into the song from the beginning, and the lyrics will keep you listening until the end of the track. An absolute must-listen: “Awake” is a profound and thought-provoking piece of music. Furthermore, the eye-opening tune will take you on a unique journey.

“Awake” is a massive song that sounds fantastic. Drums will crash into your eardrums like waves slamming against the rocks on a beach at high tide. The guitar, which gives the incredible track a fantastic rock edge, is particularly noteworthy. And the icing on top of it all is the vocal performance by the lead singer, Shannon Denise Evans. All of this, combined with the fantastic lyrics, results in a single that is impossible to ignore.

“Awake” is a tune that is more explosive than dynamite in terms of energy and intensity. Even the most enthusiastic fans of Spectra Rock music will appreciate the fantastic single from SAVARRE. Simply playing the track will provide you with an unforgettable experience. “Awake,” in contrast to other tunes, lives up to the hype.

Stream SAVARRE'S music by clicking here. You can find SAVARRE on Instagram.


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