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Tara Vern releases her new single 'Girl With The Flashing Eyes'

Following hot on the tale of her album Feverlurden, Tara Vern has released righteous new single Girl With The Flashing Eyes.

Girl with Flashing Eyes is the lovechild of Pat Benatar and Foo Fighters. Powerful guitar hooks, an 80s aesthetic and demented drumming. With a double hooked chorus and menacing yet plaintive verses, this single is a thank-you letter immortalised in song.

In September 2019 Tara bunkered down in Zen Studios, Sydney, to record her first solo album Feverlurden with engineer Geoff Lee and session drummer Miles Thomas. The album was mastered by Steve Smart at Studios 301, Sydney. Tara’s goal was to create rock you can dance to. With a single guitar track, a single drum track, and single bass track, the music is raw, stripped back, immediate and danceable. 

Tara was the singer/guitarist/songwriter in early noughties Sydney band Guddling, which received praise from radio and print for “dark-edged pop melodies, emotive hooks and sorrowful female harmonies” the group which split when various members moved abroad in 2002. After spending several years in the wilderness honing her hunting skills and dallying in electronic music as Noot Records, she has returned to the thing she loves best - Rocking out on the guitar.

Upon a tumult of drums and a ringing two-note-tap to your forehead, Girl With The Flashing Eyes gets your attention and points your gaze towards a future of scuzzy riffs and cheeky twists. Tara Vern a rocker not content to rest. 


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