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SZA's "Shirt" Is On The Charts And We Are Never Going To Take It Off

Originally teased as a viral TikTok dance challenge a year ago, “Shirt” is finally making its impact on streaming platforms and the top charts. From the viral dance challenge last October, her fanbase felt that,“Shirt” was the perfect title for the sultry single, SZA delivered and gave the fans what they wanted (a whole year later).

Accompanied with a music video, the song portrays a story of SZA loving someone dearly who doesn’t love her back. Unrequited love and feeling worthless, the alluring single paints the perfect picture of SZA’s personal journey within a relationship and the music video executes that journey perfectly.

Watch the Music Video Here:

Everything the inspiring artist touches is gold. Fans were dedicated to her artistry and cherished the small snippet of the single for over a year and hoped that she would release it. By putting her heart, insecurities, and flaws on the line, fans have the ability to deeply connect with each and every of the vulnerable artists lyrics.

It may be years before we get a SZA album again, but the wait will be worth it. When SZA puts her mind to something, her goal isn’t only met its exceeded. For more on SZA and her brilliant artistry, check out and follow her social media platforms @sza.


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