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"Stand For The Flag" by Dustin Collins is a Uniting Anthem of American Pride

 In a time where political divide in the United States is at a height, Dustin Collins is using his music in hopes of uniting. The Georgia born, Kentucky raised country artist is no stranger to taking strong political stances in his music, as his catalog is full of defiant songs with his unapologetic truths. His debut single "Cold Dead Hands" was a pro-second amendment anthem, a bold first move for an breakout artist which nevertheless became a hit - and his upcoming single "Stand For The Flag" brings the same boldness with a new politically-charged message. 

    In "Stand For The Flag," Collins addresses the controversy surrounding the age-old tradition of standing for the flag during the National Anthem. For him, it makes no difference what you believe in, whether you agree with him or not - the flag symbolizes your privilege to do so freely. It's the factor that should unite all American citizens, but lately he's been seeing the opposite take place. "The American flag has gone from being a symbol of unity to some kind of threat," he says. "It's your constitutional privilege to disagree with me, but this flag represents your freedom to do exactly that. A lot of people have forgotten that, but I haven't and I won't apologize for it." The single serves as an unapologetic anthem full of his pride for the United States, and the gratitude for the country that he believes everyone should have. His conviction-filled lyrics center around the pride he was raised with for the Red, White, and Blue that symbolizes the country we call home. "We stand for the flag / You can be damn sure that we're grateful for everything we have," he asserts in his chorus over the twang of the guitars anchored in the steady beat which carry his powerful statement. He drives his message home unapologetically in hopes that Old Glory will become a uniting symbol once again.

     Collins' talent shines through in his work, and his southern roots clearly influence his distinct country sound. He proves that being confident in what you stand for will allow you to accomplish anything you set your mind to - several of his songs have charted on Billboard, and his debut "Cold Dead Hands" earned number 1 on the Single Sales chart. "Stand For the Flag" is available now!

Learn more about Dustin at and follow him on his journey below:


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