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Songs You Need to Play for Your Dad on Father's Day

Father's Day is just around the corner and if you're anything like me, you've been racking your brain for a good gift idea for your dad. Men are so hard to shop for! Maybe this year, instead of the typical Lowe's gift card that's boring and unsentimental, you can play him a song that says it all. If you've never seen your dad tear up, try this out. These poetic words straight from the heart may do just that. Here's is a list of five songs you could play for your dad or any father figure in your life.

1) Half That Strong - Presley Tennant

"Half That Strong" is Presley Tennant's loving tribute to her father's strength and leadership. Presley's classic southern voice gives it a similar sound to the great country artists before her, while expressing deep admiration for her father in a unique way. The lyrics could easily be played on a car ride or at a barbecue for dad. So filled with love, it will make your eyes water.

“You’re the footsteps that I walk in so I know I’ll get to where I wanna be”

This song expresses Presley's gratitude to her dad for always encouraging and supporting her to chase her dreams. Sometimes, all it takes is some wise words from a parent to give you the courage to do something intimidating that you've always wanted to do. Anyone who has experienced that will easily relate to "Half That Strong".

2) In Case You Don't Live Forever - Ben Platt

Ben Platt’s song “In Case you Don’t Live Forever” is everything you might want to say to a mentor that has shaped your life. For some of us, our father has been the one to teach us things we hold onto for wisdom. For some, it is a grandparent or a teacher. Whoever it is, this song is a beautiful homage to them.

“I need you to know that I heard you, every word”

There are some who impact us in our childhood whom we forget to thank because we don’t realize that what they are doing and saying will one day become the mantra we live by. This song is Ben Platt’s way of thanking all of those people, no matter how long it has been, because you don't know how long they will have.

“In case you don’t live forever, let me tell you the truth I’m everything that I am because of you”

3) The Greatest Man I Never Knew - Reba McEntire

Reba McEntire's "The Greatest Man I Never Knew" is a sad story about not knowing enough about someone until after they're gone. Reba expresses that the greatest man she ever knew was a man she didn't know that well at all. She never knew how much he loved her and they never touched or talked much. For some, this may hit close to home in regards to their relationship with their father.

"He never said he loved me, guess he thought I knew."

Reba sings about the realization that everything her father did was out of love for her with touching honesty. If you have lost a parent with still unsaid words between you, this song might comfort you with understanding this Father's Day.

4) Song For Dad - Keith Urban

Much of our reflection on the job our parents did raising us comes after we are grown. For Keith Urban "Song For Dad" is his reflection upon who his dad was. He finds that the older he grows, the more like his father he becomes and that is a blessing and honor to him.

"I only hope when I have my own family that every day I see a little more of my father in me."

Years of our youth may be spent trying to get away from our parents, but becoming a parent can bring hope of being more like them. There are some traits we choose to leave behind, and rightfully so, but there are some that shape us in ways we'd rather hold onto.

5) Song For My Father - Sarah McLachlan

There are so many times we yearn for our childhood back, the times we could have a problem and run to our parents arms with ease. Sarah McLachlan's "Song for My Father" is easily relatable in the way it looks back on childhood in gratitude and nostalgia. Her voice rings through in a beautiful folk sound, bringing us into a peaceful remembrance of a time passed.

"You were the place that I could always rest my head when my world had come undone."

As each day of adulthood passes, I find myself missing parts of being a kid I never thought I'd learn to appreciate. This song pointedly describes the longing to lean on a parent when times are hard and you crave a soothing presence.


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