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Six Years In The Making- Selena Gomez’s “My Mind & Me”

By: Sophia Petts

On November 2, the long awaited Selena Gomez documentary dropped on AppleTV, accompanied by a new single, “My Mind & Me.”

The film followed the last 6 years of Selena’s life, starting with her 2016 Revival tour that was abruptly cancelled when she suffered a psychotic break. The audience gets a look into her battle with mental health and lupus, her childhood and family, and her journey to a happier and healthier version of herself. The film ends by following the making of Selena's newest track, “My Mind & Me.”

Listen Here:

The song dissects Selena’s relationship with herself, with lyrics like “my mind and me, we don’t get along sometimes.” It reveals her insecurities and fears, and expresses that she used to be ashamed to show these parts of her life. Throughout the documentary and the song, she emphasizes that she hopes her story can help other people feel less alone.

These days, more and more artists are being vulnerable about their struggles with things like anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and addiction. It seems that celebrities have always been dehumanized and idolized, but many of them are finally stepping up to the plate and letting their fans know that they’re human too. They struggle with the same things people in their audience do. “My Mind & Me” is a perfect example of this. The film and the song are both a comfort to so many of Selena’s followers around the world.

For more on Selena, follow her socials @selenagomez or visit her website!


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