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Shari Rowe Celebrates Long Hugs in a Long Year

Shari Rowe looks back on the unexpected year of 2020 in her new single, “Long Hugs.” Although the past year consisted of cancelled plans and staying indoors, Rowe looks at the bright side in all the madness. She says that “Long Hugs” is about slowing down and seizing the day. “We’re not guaranteed anything beyond the moment that we’re in, so live in it fully; embrace it and share it,” expressed Rowe. “The world needs that kind of positivity, love, and inspiration.”

In this crazy world, music helps Rowe cope and get through the hard times. When we look back at 2020, we think of the protests, millions of deaths, and the never-ending worldwide virus. “Long Hugs” makes you look at the good times with loved ones and is sure to brighten your day. Instead of focusing on the past, Rowe focuses on the future and lives her life to its fullest. Stream Shari Rowes’ single, “Long Hugs” on all platforms today! Watch the slideshow video below.


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