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"Sorry Anyway" available NOW on streaming platforms

South Carolina native and Singer/Songwriter Sean Keefer stays true to his southern roots in “Sorry

Anyway.” As the first single released off of upcoming EP, Keefer composes a country to the core heartbreak chant that captures the traditional sounds and lyrics similar to that of Jason Isbell and Ryan Adams.

Keefer’s full EP, A Dog Walks into the Sunset, includes songs of love, loss, hope and finding what is just beyond the sunrise. The full EP, which is set to release spring of 2022, has been years in the making. "Writing some lyrics or music isn't really that hard, its making all the pieces fit together to make a song. After that, the challenge starts - finding out what the song is trying to say."

While Sean is working on new material for a 2022 recording project, he is looking forward to getting on the road and playing his music live.


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