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SACHIEL Release 'Roulette Wheel' Single

Alternative-rock duo Sachiel are releasing frenetic single Roulette Wheel in dizzy anticipation of their forthcoming EP The Fruit of Paradise.

Roulette Wheel is a sonic whirlwind that sings swirling praises to the bliss of losing oneself in the risk and opportunity of freedom and finding a sense of self within that free flow. The breakneck tempo, soaring vocals and blistering riffs all evoke the excitement of being lost in the proverbial cyclone of life.

Made up of songwriting brothers Gio and Nikki Sachi, Roulette Wheel is a display of savvy hooks and rocking misdirection. The song was recorded at The Boneyard and produced by the wizard of sound (and friend of the band) Tye “T-Bones” Pennington. 

Sachiel’s debut single Verfallen was released in late 2017 and entered into Serj Tankian’s 7 Note Songwriting Competition, in which it was a finalist. Sachiel followed up with their first EP Grace Without Gravity in early 2019. 

‘We’re not here to subdue or seduce you, Sachiel is not a part of the photocopy generation.’ - Gio Sachi, vocals / guitar 

Throughout their music making journey, Sachiel have always sought to reinvent themselves with each release and continue to constantly develop their sound and explore new territory. With stylistic flair and more influences than could ever realistically be listed, Sachiel embrace chance and change with a youthful nonchalance. With increasingly unpredictable global dynamics, this chaotic duo don’t care where tomorrow will lead them, they’re willing to welcome each experience into their high-stakes game of distorted story-telling. Sachiel is here to roll the dice and see what happens. 

‘Roulette Wheel’ is available now in digital stores. 


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