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Real Clothes Wants You to Take Precautions

Real Clothes released her anticipated fourth album “Precaution” on Friday August 7, 2020. Recorded in New York City, it was created in full by Nico Fox; from composition to vocals to production at her lovely home. She is a self-taught producer, vocalist, and guitarist who performs solo as a Gothic Wave/Avant-Garde project. This means choral hymns; weaving tales of the occult, heartache, loss, the end of the world, war, and absolution. Her albums are self-produced and world-inspired. Currently, she has created four distinct sounding albums over the span of 5 years: Object-Oriented (2015), Modulation (2016), Apotheosis (2019), and the most recent Precaution (2020). These can be streamed worldwide via Spotify, Bandcamp, Anghami, Pandora and wherever you get your music. Precaution follows up on the ethereal and dark beating melodies of ‘Girl’ and ‘Sheherazade’ featured on her previous album ‘Apotheosis’; released to acclaim within the underground New York community and received international airplay in Russia, Scotland, Japan, France, New Zealand, the United States, and others. “Making this album gave me the greatest feeling of release. The ideas behind it came to me in dreams and nightmares: wisps of smoke, loud mortars, crushing silence, and forgotten spaces. I had wanted to write something about the horror of institutional helplessness, instability, loneliness, and lost love: with a beat. Also: the feelings of revenge present in those that are oppressed in many ways. Like I said, dreams. The song structures are freeform and unexpected, not dissimilar to reaching your hands out in the dark. It made me laugh that one of my favorite reviews was, ‘eldritch beats with distressed vocals.’ I mean, I guess so.” - Nico Fox


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