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Presley Tennant Takes A Chance In, ’Gamble On You’

“The song has a very sultry feel that I think matches the same thoughts as one may be feeling in that moment in time”

Presley Tennant is fearful of bluff in the name of a relationship in her new single, “Gamble On You.” Presley Tennant draws you through a game of poker as she plays her cards in hopes of sweeping the table (or in this case, a relationship).

"'Gamble On You' expresses the feeling in the beginning of a relationship of uncertainty of where things will lead, trying to basically read their mind to figure out if it was going to end up good or go no where” says the breakout country artist.

The release of “Gamble On You” was followed by a music video which presents Presley in an old country saloon pairing perfectly with the single. “It’s a different vibe from the rest of my songs but is also an extension of me…"

"Gamble On You" is now on Spotify and Apple Music: For more on Presley Tennant, including her tour schedule, visit and follow her on social media.


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