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Presley Tennant's Valentine's Day Gift to the World

“How Many Kisses” from California-Country-pop artist Presley Tennant’s latest EP “600 Miles” is the perfect sweet and savory treat for your Valentine’s Day. This passionate track provides a rich and distinguished flavor that melts in your ears while the lyrics focus on a budding connection that has yet to fully bloom into a garden.

“How Many Kisses” incorporates ecclesiastical keys, breathtaking vocals and an occasional sprinkle of electric guitar riffs to serve an addicting emotional track. Presley vocalizes the worry of wanting to start a relationship but the uncertainty of when the time is right. The desire to receive warmth combined with the fear of burning yourself on the flame glows through the song.

With a delicious country base and a beautiful ballad glaze “How Many Kisses” lures in listeners with its luscious aroma. The track is available on all streaming platforms and is ideal for listening this February 14th. You can find the song in Presley’s new EP “600 Miles” at

To learn more about Presley Tennant, visit and follow her social media @presleytennant.

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