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Presley Tennant's Latest EP: "600 Miles"

Presley Tennant’s latest EP, 600 Miles, is a compilation of emotional country ballads that pull on fans heartstrings. The title track focuses on a lover separated by distance, leaving Tennant wondering what could’ve been and if her lover still thinks about her.

“I guess it’ s hard to hear a heart break 600 miles away.”

A fantastic introduction to the rest of the tracks on her EP, 600 Miles sets the tone for an EP sure to be a resemblance of Tennant’s personal diary. The vocal powerhouse shows the emotional rollercoaster of a heartbreak by taking us through the ups and downs with her. Her incredible range and one-of-a-kind voice is put on display with this release, leaving listeners captivated by her talent.

For more on Presley Tennant, visit and follow her on socials @presleytennant.

Presley's new merch store is available here:


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