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Presley Tennant “Bites the Bullet” with Latest Single

Presley Tennant has been charting a path in music her entire life. As part of a kid girl group, the 5LP’s, Tennant has been honing her craft as a musician for years. After the group eventually disbanded and went their separate ways, Tennant kept on going with her music career. She finally found herself as a contestant on NBC’s hit show “The Voice” as part of Kelly Clarkson’s team. Taking the experience from the show and using it to propel herself forward, Tennant is forging a path for herself in country music, and nobody is going to get in her way.

On her latest single, “Bite the Bullet,” Tennant finds herself singing along a stomping country beat laden with guitar riffs and an irresistibly catchy melody. “Sparks are flying / ‘cause we’re playing with fire / and the gun is loaded / we’re both goners and we know it,” she roars on the chorus of the song. On “Bite the Bullet” Tennant nails on the head how it feels to just be helplessly attracted to that one person that you know is no good for you. Sometimes, the only thing you can help to do is to bite the bullet, as she says. This song is sure to be a smash hit with country fans across the country, with Tennant’s ferocious growls complementing the guitar-driven beat perfectly.

Presley Tennant’s new single “Bite the Bullet” is available now on all streaming platforms! Listen here on Spotify:


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