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Payton Howie releases her newest single, “Never go home”

Payton Howie, a country artist from Temecula, California, recently released her latest single “Never Go Home.” Simply a glimpse at the album cover gives you a visual representation of the songs intent. Peyton's vision for the song was to be an anthem of kicking back and enjoying life. She states in an interview that, “Coming off of 2020, I’ve got a whole new appreciation for being able to let loose, live in the moment, and embrace those wild times with my friends.”

She’s inspired by artist’s like Gretchen Wilson, Reba, and Ashley McBryde, who’s songs embody a true country aura Payton strives to produce. Payton’s goal is to create songs that show off her confidence and grit as a female in the industry.

For tour dates and more, visit You can follow along with Payton’s journey on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter. “Never Go Home” is available on all streaming platforms or click here.


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