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Party with Eslabon Armado and Peso Pluma in their Latest Song

Eslabon Armado and Peso Pluma’s song “Ella Baila Sola” has atended in the charts since its release. The rhythmic track, which translates to “She Dances Alone” in English was released in mid March and sits #10 on Billboard’s Hot 100. The song fits into the genre of Regional Mexican and embodies a rich mix of instrumentals and vocals.

Telling the story of two friends talking about a pretty girl at a Party, “Ella Baila Sola” is filled with traditional latin guitar, trumpets and castanets. The song is beautifully smooth as it dances from speakers into listeners ears. As gorgeous as the girl they are singing about, Eslabon Armado and Peso Pluma’s track glimmers in the moonlight. They sing,

“I’m not a guy who has money, but speaking of the heart, I’ll give you everything.”

“Ella Baila Sola” captures the rush and captivation of a blossoming, deep red love. Written by Eslabon’s vocalist Pedro Tovar, the track has audience hypnotized. Trending on TikTok and heading up the charts, the track is magnífico.

Check out the mesmerizing music video for “Ella Baila Sola” below!

The sensational love song is available on all streaming platforms for everybody to enjoy. To learn more about Eslabon Armado and Peso Pluma be sure to visit their socials,


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