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Nate DiRuzza Sets Sail For “Playa del Amor”

Nate DiRuzza is set to move his throwback sound to an island oasis with “Playa del Amor”. The sun is setting, and as you take in the beauty you catch a glimpse of another dancing into the night. You have found yourself on the sands of “Playa del Amor”. DiRuzza’s tropical rock track is as lush as a rain forest and as hot as the rays of sunlight beaming from the sky.

“The production of this song kept blowing me away as we added to it," says Nate DiRuzza. "I really love how it turned out! There are so many layers and the song continues to build as you listen to it. When you’re nearing the end of the song, it’s like this big grand finale that’s so satisfying.”

Nate DiRuzza worked with producer Dan Hodges and Jamie Tate to expertly blend classic Spanish guitar tinged riffs and reggae inspired rhythms to form this undeniable tropical rock hit. “Playa del Amor” is set to transport you to those summer days where watching the day melt away is all you wanted to do. “Playa del Amor” will be playing from all the canopies lining the beach this summer.

“Playa del Amor” is now available on all streaming platforms. You can follow Nate on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.


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