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Nate DiRuzza Releases "The One"

February 6, 2023

Nate DiRuzza released his third studio album “The One,” his first since 2020. DiRuzza has released five singles off the album which features 11 songs in total. “The One” is a shift away from the previous two albums that DiRuzza has released featuring a more retro pop feel to the songs.

This album is a showcase of DiRuzza’s diverse songwriting and guitar playing abilities. Songs like ‘Playa Del Amor’ and ‘Chains On Your Wings’ feature upbeat melodic guitar parts whereas on ‘Heartless’ the guitar is less melodic and has a more spacey feel to it. Each song is sonically distinct but lyrically the songs are dealing with the similar topic of relationships from the beginning to the end.

Listen To "The One" Here:


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