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Moving Forwards With Cowboy Troy's Latest Release

Trailblazer in the music scene, Cowboy Troy releases his latest single “Down The Line”. The track ventures into traditional country territory differing from Cowboy Troy’s previous hits. Nevertheless the song is guaranteed to bring a smile to the faces of all who listen.

Starting off as a country ballad and gradually moving into a more upbeat track, the song drifts smoothly from speakers to the ears of listeners. “Down The Line” is an expressive blend of classic country applying instruments such as the fiddle and pedal steel guitar.

The catchy beat is paired with straightforward lyrics describing a dissonant relationship in which two people have feelings for each other, but there is a disconnect. Based on a personal experience, Cowboy Troy understands that sometimes people aren’t right for each other and all you can do is move forwards. He sings,

“Pick my heart up, dust it off I'll be fine. I wish you well and happiness, all the sparkles and shine. But I’m moving on down the line.”

“Down The Line” is available on all streaming platforms at

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