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Mitchel Evan Shares His Captivating New Single, "Leeches"

Mitchel Evan's self-described "No-Bullshit Americana" style shines through in his newest release, "Leeches." The song is an alluring and roots-inspired tale about an intimate moment after an event - it's a colorful track with imagery so vivid, you'll feel as if you're there alongside him.  

      "Leeches" tells the story of a moment with just Evan and his love interest, where he invites her to come along with him to a secret spot by a river. "There's this spot I know, it's my favorite rock / Let's take off our shoes and see what else comes off," The chorus details. He sings his clever and witty lyrics with passion and conviction, yet still maintains a conversational tone. The track itself is filled with an enchanting combination of violins and banjos over a driving beat - a perfect accompaniment for Evan's warm, raw vocals to smooth over to create an overall captivating track. 

     The single is Evan's most recent project since he released "Band-Aid" back in August. The singer-songwriter writes and records on a horse farm in Richmond, Virginia, and is known for his authenticity and charisma which draws in his audiences. Backed by his four-piece band, Evan is quickly making a name for himself in the Americana genre and beyond. "Leeches" is out now - be sure to stream and download it everywhere now. 


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