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miQa.El - Walking Medicine

A true sense of enormity rolls through on miQa.El’s “Walking Medicine”. The usage of the pounding tempo really adds to the majesty of the whole experience. With an animalistic, determined fierceness he holds absolutely nothing back. Given the sheer intensity of the work it makes sense that the song has a power to it. His voice carries an enormous amount of weight. Verses here are sculpted with the utmost of care, making sure each word carries just the right amount of weight behind it. Everything within the group has this wonderful kaleidoscopic effect.

Percussive rhythmic elements add to the tactile quality of the work. Upon the vocals entering into the frame things become ever more poignant. He makes sure to pour so much of his heart into the sound. The accompanying vocalist does a wonderful job in highlighting the sheer strength of his vision. Volume is a given as there is this right amount of tension that swirls about in a deliriously happy way. Over the course of the work there is a sense of overcoming the impossible with the guitar ringing out into the distance. Hard to precisely pin down the origins of the sound, he brings together classic rock, country, and folk in a way that has a highly unique quality to it. Buildup matters as the song goes from strength to strength all the way to the cathartic finish.

“Walking Medicine” features a delightful western twang, one that shows miQa.El embracing vast, wide-open spaces.


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