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MERLIN is Brought to Life Through Moody Pop Single "Love"

MERLIN’s eccentric roots come from far and wide, born and raised in Germany and Albania - and she has used her European story as an influence and cornerstone for her sound. Channeling the likes of household names like Dua Lipa, Charli XCXand Halsey, MERLIN compels emotion out of the listener leaving them feeling haunted and reminiscent. The debut single, Love is a divine fashion of introducing the world to MERLIN.

Moody and chic, MERLIN exudes confidence in an edgy-pop track, gaining influences from various genres and her own Albanian culture. With celestial beauty, a light melody plays through a xylophone that trickles throughout the single giving Love a fairy-like delicacy that is unparalleled.

"It's a mixture of how one feels in the midst of a toxic relationship and then realizing that the first and most important love, is yourself. It's my way of turning mistakes into lessons." says the electric songstress.

Love is the first track off her forthcoming EP - a collaboration with Red 13 Studios and production duo Late Boomers Club, to be released late 2020. Throughout her music, MERLIN conducts her distinctive sound through a marque of mystery, beauty and poetry and if you ask her what her songs consist of, she’ll tell you, “life, personal experience, death, and MAGIC."

Keep your eyes open for the grandeur musical exploration that MERLIN has in store, starting with debut single, Love. Watch the music video below!


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