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Melanie Martinez Added 7 Songs to Her K-12 Album in her After School EP

   Melanie Martinez released the deluxe version of her 2019 album K-12, entitled K-12 (After School - Deluxe Edition). The album features 7 additional tracks, which she compiled on a separate EP After School as well, and her lyrics take a creatively personal dive into her life and lessons she's learned as a result of her experiences. 

     Thematically, the songs go with the original album, but they follow a different storyline. Martinez went very personal for this release - the childlike feeling her music is known for contrasts with the subject matter. The overall message Martinez relays is that you learn more as a result of real-life experiences than you do in the classroom. In her lyrics, she delves into decision-making, pressure & stress herself and other musicians face in the music industry, and detachment. In "Field Trip," she sings about being an empath, and living up to expectations based on her zodiac sign and being a "life path 11," or the bridge between the divine and material as she describes. She explained that the song is about finding her way out of the path she believes the universe trapped her within. To end, she finishes with "Bakery," a recount of her experience in high school getting fired from a bakery. 

     The tracks are her usual combination of moody and child-like, bringing to life her schoolgirl theme. The simplicity of the melodies allow her lyrics to fully take over and have an effect on the listener, and mirror the dark themes covered by playfulness in melody from her debut album Cry Baby. The seven-track EP is available independently everywhere to download and stream, or you can listen to the additions with the originals in the K-12 (After School - Deluxe Edition)


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