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Mairena. Weird All The Time

Mairena is a singer/songwriter and music producer from Brazil who moved to England at the beginning of 2019.

Having cut his teeth in the São Paulo Indie scene, Mairena has crossed over the Atlantic in order to establish himself as a solo artist in the UK .

His former act BBGG — with whom he got to open for Garbage — quickly gained local recognition and even compliments from both Shirley Manson and the lads in alt-J, who attended one of their gigs and praised Mairena’s songwriting.

Mairena was abandoned by his biological parents before the age of 3 and subsequently, was adopted by a loving family of which he is the only musician. The episode helped build the foundations of his artistic quest, as music played a crucial role in his coping with the occurrence as a child and teenager.

He taught himself how to write music on the guitar so he could unravel his emotions. And the songs began to keep him company in a world that seemed quite alien. Abandonment, rescue, inadequacy, urban solitude and the will to escape have been his most prevalent concerns as a songwriter.

Mairena’s voice and upcoming material have recently been described in the UK as "acoustic Punk with shades of earlier U2”.


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