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LSA releases new single 'Forbidden Fruit'

A daring foray into experimental pop for this Western Australian ensemble, LSA are excited to announce the official release of their single Forbidden Fruit.

Sean Lillico, Swami Adima and Liliya Grigorova all have specialised in their own field in Music that brings them and others enjoyment, when they come together as LSA they enjoy pushing boundaries to create music that is fresh and able to teleport the listener. These three composers and performers all bring unique talents to the compositional dynamic. As multi-instrumentalists in their own rights, their distinct sound is anchored in classical, jazz 

and electronics. 

Composed on moonless night deep in Yallingup forest of Western Australia, these gypsy-troubadours found inspiration through disturbed sleep, laughter and late-night swims. With Swami on drums, Liliya on Cello and Sean on the keys, Forbidden Fruit is a chamber-psych adventure, adorned with intoxicating textures that takes great delight in challenging norms. 

These driven composers and performers bring a unique sound that has developed through their professional experiences. Liliya Grigorova is a classical cellist and film composer, having composed for films such as Line of Descent and Kill Chain as well as having performed at esteemed Australian venues Carriageworks. Swami Adima -producer, drummer and DJ, having performed along side of Mark Knight and Roger Sanchez. Sean Lillico is a Classical and Jazz pianist and music producer at Furreal Studios. 

These three friends share in heightened discipline and creative freedom, their commitment to music as a vehicle for exploration and communication unrestrained by convention. LSAworks as a haven for the outliers, their single Forbidden Fruit hangs in front of those tempted by the excitement but hesitate at uncertainty. Those who bite are in for a treat. 


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