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Lindsey Saves Herself Writing "Save Me"

With chunky hard-rock guitars, haunting gothic ambience and incredibly vulnerable vocals, alternative rock singer-songwriter Lindsey stepped into the light. Growing up battling depression, Lindsey often found herself hiding what she was really going through, always dealing with it on her own.

The outpouring of lyrics for her single “Save Me” changed everything for the artist. “I knew I couldn’t overcome these demons by myself,” the Nashville-based artist shares. Written at a time when her depression was all-consuming, the words poured out of Lindsey in a natural creative flow, allowing them to come alive in the studio. The emotionally evoking lyrics are relatable and describe depression in a clear and vivid picture.

"These demons I'm fighting are trying to even the score

Climbing through broken windows and doors"

Paired with the instrumentals of the track, "Save Me" magnificently describes the feeling of constantly fighting battles against your depression. Constantly trying to get away from those demons when they keep creeping in through the cracks. And then, finally, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

I want people to know they don’t have to be stuck in their current situation,” she says. “Ultimately, I want to give people hope that they can overcome something they didn’t think they could.

“My message is for everyone. I don’t want people to feel judged or like these songs aren’t written for them. Hope and redemption are for everyone,Lindsey says.

For more on the novelistic songwriter, visit or follow her socials @thisislindseyofficial and stay on the lookout for more music from the rising punk artist.


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