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Lexi Cline Posts an Ice-Cold Teaser

Pop artist Lexi Cline posted a picture on her Instagram the other day, teasing fans of an upcoming song. The post features her laying on the ground holding an ice cube between her lips, captioned: “Walked in with him, now I wanna leave with you.” Her eyes are out of frame, but the ice cube drips down the side of her face in the summer heat. She also tagged the location at the top of the post: “Thin Ice,” the title of her upcoming track to soon be released. Nothing else was stated about the project, other than a repost on her story saying to stay tuned. Cline’s debut EP, Better Late Than Never, was released on June 26th of this year and featured five tracks with candid, relatable sentiments. Her bubbly energy shines through on all of her works in her fresh melodies and distinctive voice, and we can’t wait to hear it in her upcoming single. Stay tuned for the release of “Thin Ice".


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