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“Let’s Get Woke” Singer Josh Christina’s Talent Far Surpasses His Young Age

Listen to Josh Christina’s “Let’s Get Woke” and then take a glance at the artist himself. Surprised? The charming Baltimore native is bringing back 50’s era rock & roll as if he’s one of the pioneers of the genre. It wouldn’t be far fetched to assume that he’s been in the game with people like Elton and Jerry Lee for years, so the fact that this young crooner is only in his mid-twenties is nothing short of astonishing.

Christina’s single “Let’s Get Woke” is the perfect showcase of his contagious energy. Right out of the gate with a 180 BPM, this party anthem makes it impossible to sit still. Christina roars as he sings with such enthusiasm, encouraging everyone to jump to their feet and dance with him. His ridiculous piano skills are wildly evident, with elaborate trills and glissandos at every turn. He credits Jerry Lee Lewis for his acquired chops on the keys.

"While I bought tickets out of my love for Elvis, I remember being blown away by the styling's of Jerry Lee Lewis... He had such flare. He redefined the piano for me. While I had a few lessons as a kid, it actually bored me. However when the actor playing Jerry Lee kicked out the stool, jumped on the piano, played with his feet...I was sold!. So I gave piano a second chance and, with that, adopted Jerry Lee's entertainment style."

You can stream “Let’s Get Woke” at and all other major streaming platforms. Learn more about Josh Christina at and visit him on social media @JoshChristina57.

Watch the "Let's Get Woke" video below:


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