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Lady Redneck Delivers Knockout Christian Hymn With Latest Single

In contrast to her earlier pieces, "Don’t Try To Take Our Guns" and "I Dented Your Truck", Lady Redneck has released a spiritual hymn-like single, "Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing." This Country vocalist has put the twang of pedal steel guitars and fiddles aside and opted for a soft, elegant, and quite beautiful piano melody in this heartfelt, touching, and very majestic vocal performance. Often switching between satirical, and borderline political, Lady Redneck has had her share of spiritual pieces in her growing catalog. With other Christian offerings, "After The Rain, You’ll Find The Son" and "Pray For Peace," Lady Redneck has no issue expressing her views and beliefs to any who will listen. This lack of vague metaphor, and ambiguous themes have made Lady Redneck an artist who defines herself clearly and precisely. But apart from the context, "Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing" is a touching performance that captures the true magic of her message. Lady Redneck, Stephanie Lee, delivers a vocal performance that demonstrates her full range. While the main melody is in the key which Stephanie does not normally sing in, she is able to bring her voice low enough to harmonize with the piano lines, while stepping up and hitting those overtones as she resolves each stanza.

"Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing" is a church offering targeted to a pop and country audience. Although this track may find commercial success on Gospel radio formats, the subject matter and lack of steady rhythms may hinder this track from finding its way into most Country and Pop playlists. The magnificence of the performance notwithstanding, has solidified the vocal and presentation talents of Lady Redneck into the forefront of her listener base, while capturing new like-minded audiences with her expressive tone and ability to sing to those who seek the uplifting message and spiritual connection. This track is quite enjoyable from the performance, articulation, and deliverance of the lyrics to the subtle self-harmonization with each resolving tension delivered by the undertones of filling a church hall. "Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing is an excellent addition to her catalog of spiritual and Country themed accomplishments."

--Lee Callaghan


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