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Kel Adore taps into brokenness while revealing her own experience of letting go in “Happy Again.”While maintaining her upbeat pop production, Adore writes lyrics that leads the listener through the yawning narrative.

“In my life I have left (metaphorical) claw marks on everything and everyone I have ever loved," says Adore. "No one tells you how hard it is to let go, and it is something that can only be learned through experience. If you are someone who struggles with letting go I hope this song gives you permission to release what is hurting you.”

“Happy Again” came after the L.A based model and musicians first release “Fool For The Pain” which similarly highlights the duality we face within ourselves when we subject ourselves to things (and people) who do more harm than good.

"Happy Again" is slated for release May 13, with pre-save available April _. For more on Kel Adore, follow @keladoremusic on social media and visit Adore's musical debut, "Fool For The Pain," is out now.

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