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Justin Bieber Got Vulnerable for his Saturday Night Live Performances of "Holy" and "Lonely"

Justin Bieber gave two powerful performances of his newest singles "Lonely" and "Holy" on Saturday Night Live this past week. Both full of vulnerability and authenticity, he truly let his emotions shine through.

    His first performance was "Holy" featuring Chance the Rapper. He started off solo in an open structure that appeared to be an empty church covered in vines and foliage, singing under a glowing blue LED cross. He kept it simple, wearing only a long-sleeved white shirt and a gray beanie. Halfway through after the second verse he ducked back to let Chance the Rapper take the spotlight, backing him up vocally spontaneously. They joined back together for the final verse to close out the song.  

     His second performance featured his newest release with Benny Blanco, "Lonely." He began his performance by sitting in his green room backstage, singing with melancholy to himself in front of his mirror. After a pause after the first chorus, he walked through the empty, dark hallways of SNL backstage, pausing to sing his chorus, a repetition of "I'm so lonely." In the second verse, he made his way to the stage and joined Benny Blanco accompanying him on the keys before the lights dimmed and the song came to a close. The performance was simple yet raw and emotional - he put his vulnerability at front and center in the best way. 

     This weekend marked the second time Bieber's appeared on Saturday Night Live this year, following his February feature. "Lonely" featuring Benny Blanco is Bieber's most recent release as of October 16th, following the release of "Holy" back in September. Although nothing has been confirmed about a new album, he stated that "Holy" was the start of a "new era." You can watch his moving SNL performances below: 

"Lonely" feat. Benny Blanco

"Holy" feat. Chance the Rapper


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