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Judy Paster’s “Dreams Are Made to Believe” Comes in a Package of Positivity

Flower child folk-singer Judy Paster’s latest single “Dreams Are Made to Believe” rings of jollity from the very first note, and it comes packed with all the positive vibes we’ve been missing the past year. Co-written with Moe Loughran and Bill Cuomo, the single is Paster’s first release of 2021, and the first of many to come. Take a listen here.

“Dreams Are Made to Believe'' radiates soulful sixties energy, complete with robust background vocals, funky chord changes and a classic organ sound to complete the nostalgic feel. Easily fitting in with the rest of Paster’s discography, the single sounds as though it came straight from a Woodstock soundtrack as it evokes an incredible optimistic energy right out of the gate. This theme is pretty consistent when it comes to Judy Paster, who exemplifies her rose-colored-glasses view of the world through both her music and her online presence.

“Dreaming is like breathing,” she proclaims. “We need dreams to survive and pursuing them is what makes life worth living.”

Amidst the uncertain climate that’s made itself comfortable in our country and world recently, “Dreams Are Made to Believe” is a breath of fresh air for anyone needing a boost of hope, and a continuation of Paster’s bright legacy as she makes her merry mark on the music industry one song at a time.

“Dreams Are Made to Believe” is available now on all streaming platforms. To learn more about Judy Paster, check out her website at and visit her on social media @JudyPasterMusic.


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