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Josh Christina Releases Sentimental Song "Rockstar"

“Rockstar” is the latest rock and roll brainchild of Baltimore-based artist, Josh Christina. As the first chord bellows sternly, we begin our journey with Christina as he takes us through his self-biographical, piano-driven ballad. Christina offers his experience with his ambition to become a rockstar as he effortlessly conveys his undying passion with soul-hitting piano riffs  and a memorable vocal performance. The rise and fall of dynamics are arranged perfectly to reflect the highs and lows of “chasing the dream”. It’s steady build in instrumentation and candid lyrical conviction draw you in whilst lending you a source of inspiration and empowerment. The clean, yet edgy production style that’s reminiscent of Elton John and Elvis Presley, brings an extra layer of sentimentality that lingers throughout this track. It’s this sentimentality that makes “Rockstar” a four-minute, modern-day twist of a feel-good oldie!

Listen to Josh Christina's "Rockstar":


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