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Josh Christina Releases Brand New Music Video For His Recent Single “Old Piano”!

As opposed to his last video for “Rockstar” in which the piano virtuoso is featured getting ready for his show and then on stage serving up his best moves for the crowd being the natural entertainer he is, the new music video for “Old Piano” is all about Josh’s loyal companion, without whom none of his career would be possible, the piano itself!

The video starts in black and white to the crackling sound of an old record turning, as the camera slowly glides over the keys and strings and insides of different upright and grand pianos. Josh Christina sits in the middle of the room playing an opened up grand piano, surrounded by many others of all sizes, as if he sat down in a piano shop at night and just started playing. He’s wearing a sparkling black shirt under a shiny silver jacket, all dressed up for his rendezvous with his old friend, as he lets the piano tell its story through him and reminisce in the happy and bittersweet moments of the past.

As the song moves into the chorus, the video suddenly switches to color. When the drums come in, shots of Josh wearing all kinds of different outfits while playing the keys flash across the screen. One time he’s wearing big round sunglasses and a beautifully embroidered white jacket that could be straight out of Elton John’s closet, or a brown leather jacket standing in between two uprights he’s rocking out on at the same time and next he’s dressed in a classic black suit. What a cool way to mirror and honor the different ways the piano has allowed him to express himself! This theme continues in the second verse as the piano talks about all the places it’s been and the different styles of music it’s gotten to know and be used for over the years, be it classical, Rock ‘n Roll or Country.

The video ends as it started in black and white, just Josh and his piano in a few simple long camera shots. A beautiful homage to a very special friendship that is always there, no matter what!


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