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John Michael Ferrari Can “Paint You A Love Song”

Many can agree that over generations, grand displays of sincere affection have become less and less common. Nowadays, many prefer the lowkey, understated type of love, rather than the extreme. However, John Michael Ferrari reminds us in his new single, “Paint You A Love Song” that being bold and in love isn’t something to be afraid of.

Opening the new track Ferrari compares song to art, immediately illustrating that words can be remembered like something permanent, just like a piece of art, and more so can paint pictures and memories that will never go away even once the exchange ends. “Writing a love song in the sky...” let’s everyone see the love, but also know its source, something John says he wants. He wants this pairing to be associated together, known, to everyone. Being in “every photograph” and in “all the memories” being tied to the hip both literally and metaphorically is all that is craved. No one should ever question their love, and neither should his lover.

Sure to some, being bold is embarrassing, but for someone who is shy, being bold can mean a lot as they are aware of just how much confidence and courage comes with being honest. One would never do such a thing if they weren’t serious, and receiving such a genuine display of feeling is more than comforting.

However, aside from the beautiful stories and lessons being told through his lyrics, Ferrari has backed the track with a beautiful layer of vocals that emphasize even the magical memories being created from such. With fond vocals and composition there is no doubt that this song will paint the picture of many people’s love stories both years strong and young.

John Michael Ferrari isn’t new to painting a picture and it is more than likely you can fit his music into the story of your life and memories to come, especially with that special someone. Keep up with John and his future at:

“Paint You A Love Song” is available everywhere now. Follow him on social media!


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