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Jackson Michelson - "Stay Over"

Jackson Michelson is one of country music's brightest up and comers. Raised in Corvallis, Oregon he began his musical career on the West Coast building a local audience with his high energy songs and relatable songwriting. You may remember him from his previous video "One At A Time" which was released last summer. His newest video "Stay Over" was directed by PJ Brown and debuted on Billboard. In an interview with Billboard about the release Michelson had the following to say about the video: “People always like to talk about the positive side of relationships, and the highlights, but I’ve found that highlights are the best when you’re committed to something you believe in,” Michelson tells Billboard. “‘Stay Over’ is a song about the passion of love not letting a relationship end. I love this video because it captures the honesty and reality of what it looks like to be in a relationship that can’t stay over.”

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