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It's No Secret That We Love JAX’s “Victoria’s Secret”

Rising pop singer/songwriter, JAX, has cracked the code of song promotion on social media. In an ode to body positivity, her single “Victoria’s Secret” has made its way up the charts after she intentionally called out the lingerie brand, Victoria’s Secret.

After many scandals with the company founder and former CEO Leslie Wexner, Hulu released a documentary series titled “Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons” shortly after the single aired. The documentary looked at the rise of the legendary brand and how the models, marketing and sizing negatively impacted women’s body image. JAX’s single has become an anthem for body positivity and opened many eyes to the need for companies to rebrand and become more inclusive of all body types.

JAX finalized her callout of the store with an epic flash mob at a Victoria’s Secret/PINK store.


With over 5.7 million views on the flashmob video for the talented musician, JAX is proud to have shared her stories of feeling insecure in her own skin. The song has simply given people of all genders, races and sizes a chance to tell their stories of feeling excluded and how they are overcoming that. Whether they are sharing their experience with body dysmorphia or their eating disorders, JAX is making connections with her fans and making a positive impact on many people's lives by addressing an issue head on.

JAX believes it shouldn’t take a blue verification check to get companies attention and create change in the world of fashion. People are simply tired of seeing “itty bitty models on magazine covers.” Thanks to artists like JAX, the fashion industry is beginning to make a stride towards body inclusivity and increasing the self-esteem of young people everywhere.


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