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It’s Hard To Leave "Jackson": Dariann Leigh's New Song

Dariann Leigh’s “Jackson” paints a portrait of longing. Looking back at a life gone by in your hometown. Reflection like this can elicit a range of emotions as vast as the fields of Jackson, Minnesota and Dariann Leigh intends to explore every inch of that field. From longing for the simpler times when mama was always there for you to the painful nostalgia of an early heartbreak. Jackson is all of those emotions. Jackson is that first heartbreak. Jackson is that small town you grew up in that you could never truly let go of. Woven from vivid memories and old diary entries “Jackson” will transport any listener to the place still occupying the back of their mind.

A tranquil and familiar country instrumental sets the tone for “Jackson”. A classic sound sure to open the door to many memories pushed away for later use. Dariann’s voice comes in with a soothing and comforting tone pairing well with the lyrics and themes of “Jackson’. Never escaping the realm of relative calm Dariann opts to let the listener focus on the story and create their own interpretation of what Jackson means to them. Dariann repeating the line “one more shot of Jackson” gives us insight into what Jackson means to her. It shows how she wants one more shot at chasing a dream once formed in Jackson. A dream that may have been missed at one point. A nostalgic thought that comes creeping in at the late hours of the night; “what if I just went for it?”. The missed opportunity in “Jackson” does not bring malice or sadness with it, but rather reassurance as to how life is finding a way. Dariann is a spiritual person and those dreams left behind in “Jackson” made her realize “that nothing in life is as simple as faith, or fate.” She instead chooses to focus on the “master plan set by the big man above.” That master plan had Jackson in the background. A place to return to in time but mainly a stepping stone towards the great end of the master plan.

You can stream “Jackson” on all major streaming services now. Also, follow Dariann, @dariannleigh, on all social media platforms as she details the songwriting process and inspirations for “Jackson”.

Watch the "Jackson" official lyric video below:


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