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It’s “Gonna Be Alright” Since Cowboy Troy Released A New Single

Cowboy Troy is back with a new true country single “Gonna Be Alright.” This latest release is a relatable jam filled with positivity and and optimism.

The Texas native has been involved in music since a young age. He is known to often blend country with rap and even created the style he calls “hick-hop.” The artist has also teased listeners by releasing songs in Spanish and some with a more indie rather than hick-hop style.

Cowboy Troy opens up to listeners as he sings about using music as an outlet and his continuous efforts to keep moving forward. The relaxing song makes it feel like you’re on vacation. Who doesn’t need to reminded every one in a while that everything’s “Gonna Be Alright.”

It’s time to kick back and listen to Cowboy Troy’s “Gonna Be Alright.” Stream “Gonna Be Alright” on all platforms now!

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