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International artist, Sam Bartells stuns us all with his new single “Blessed + Broken”

Let Auckland-based, singer-songwriter Sam Bartells, quench your thirst for great new music with his upcoming single “Blessed + Broken”. As an international artist, Sam Bartells performs in Nashville often, with his songs resonating across country lines. His new track “Blessed + Broken” is one of these songs. This new track grabs you by the feels and doesn’t let go until you hit repeat a few times and realise why you’ve done so. Bartell graces us with a stunning vocal performance that is as convictive and candid as it is raw and emotive. With a writing style that’s reminiscent of Kings of Leon, and a domineering, gritty vocal timbre, Bartell has created a space that both captivates and antagonizes its international listeners. It seems this track was written to both realise and ignite a fire. As the atmospheric instrumentation and guitar-driven beat emphasise the lyrical context, you find yourself mirroring Bartells state of mind. His self-reflection turns into your own as the snare hits and its tastefully engineered reverb lingers. You confront your own darkness as Bartell confronts his, until both listener and artist wake up enlightened and motivated with the clarity that comes with the last chord.

"Blessed + Broken" releases on Good Friday, April 10!


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