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Have Yourself A Rockin’ Rebel Christmas

Get ready, Andy Ross is here to bring you the Rebel Spirit via one rockin’ Christmas tune just in time for the holidays. His track, “Make Christmas Great Again” brings together satirical lyrics and a serious message, spreading nothing but Christmas blessings to every listener it reaches.

The Rebel Spirit of Andy has always been a stand-out factor — one of the many things setting him apart from musicians in his genre. Staying true to himself, tradition, and what he holds important, each release is unapologetically Andy. Through his memorable music releases he hopes to attract similar audiences and create a sense of community within such. After all, “everybody got a little rebel in ‘em” as Andy Ross says. And that spirit lives on much longer the more people you have spreading the message.

“Make Christmas Great Again” touches on just that. With infectious riffs driven by motivated rhythms, the song itself will get you up and moving. More importantly, moving to spread Christmas cheers to all. Focused on spreading the same spirit that erupts throughout those that celebrate such a holiday, Ross strives to not sectionalize such a warmth, and make Christmas wishes a positive thing for everyone to receive.

With a sound like “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree,” this track will easily become a part of each party this winter. Getting everyone warm, fuzzy and reminiscent of their favorite Christmas memories listeners will be reminded of just what it is that makes Christmas so great.

You can listen to the light-hearted homage to Christmas at the following link: and keep up with all-sides of Andy Ross at his website: and any of his socials below.

Instagram: @andyrossrebel Facebook:


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