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H.E.R. Shares Her Message of Vulnerability in "Damage"

 Grammy-award winning artist H.E.R. has returned with a new single, "Damage." She released the song with exciting news that the track is the debut single from her upcoming studio album, and it serves as an emotional message of vulnerability from H.E.R. 

     The track is enchanting, yet creates a simple melody for H.E.R.'s alluring voice to smooth over with her lyrics about being vulnerable for a love interest. "Careful what you take for granted / 'Cause with me you know you could do damage," she sings in the chorus in her signature sultry low tone. At first, it seems like a message of warning -  however, it actually has an underlying plea for her significant other to treat her the way she deserves and not "Damage" her emotionally. Sung over the mellow, alluring track full of captivating effects and harmonies, the track is a 

     The single is H.E.R.'s first release since her album in 2019, I Used To Know Her. It was announced as the first single to be featured on her upcoming album, still untitled and without an official release date. She is set to perform on Saturday Night Live this weekend, hosted by Adele. You can watch while you await news about her next album, and be sure to download and stream "Damage" everywhere now. 


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