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Get Ready to Fall in Love with Kylie Trout's "You & I"

SoCal country artist, Kylie Trout is giving us a reason to dance around the house, and drive windows down, radio blasting as she treats us to her new single “You & I”. This track brings back all those warm, fuzzy feelings that come with a new romance. From verse to bridge to chorus, every vocal phrasing is intelligently written to be catchy. It’s melody nestles beautifully within the spacious arrangement of guitar licks and percussion hits which allude to a feeling of effortlessness. Trout’s beautiful and delicate tone balances just the right amount of playfulness and yearning. Between the effortless flow of arrangement, and the playfulness and anticipation of excitement within the lyrics, you can’t help but get swept up in this classic-sounding love song. A love song worthy of topping any country pop charts!


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