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Frank Maroney Releases Debut Album Scarecrow

Nashville based singer/songwriter, Frank Maroney, has released his eagerly awaited, full-length album Scarecrow. Fans were able to get a taste of Frank’s debut project with the release of the title track in November and the release of the sophomore single Neon & Vinyl, which debuted exclusively on country music outlet The Boot, in January. This album encapsulates the strong influences of Frank’s upbringing in the natural landscape of Colorado. Pulling from personal experiences and reflections, songs like Beer Right Here and Hey There Honey Bee generate a frame of mind about taking life in and appreciating every moment. With ten original tracks that venture from feel good grooves with leading guitar licks to southern hearted piano ballads, Maroney’s lyrics pave the way for the songs to take on personas that really hit home.

Listeners were able to stream Scarecrow two days before the release exclusively on American Songwriter.

American Songwriter had this to say about the title track, "Scarecrow leads with lovely hooks and a stirring chorus. The bittersweet tone of country twang played through an acoustic is bridged by swift electric guitar solos - taking its rightful seat as the best suited title track."  Scarecrow was crafted with producer and industry veteran Ed Williams who expresses, “Frank’s songs paint vivid pictures that beg you to listen to every word. As a producer, it’s a joy to work with songs that essentially produce themselves. There’s no formula for a Frank Maroney song. Each one provides a different landscape and set of rules to work within.” The album is available on Amazon, Apple Music, Google Play, iTunes and Spotify.

“When I was a kid my life was carved by mountains and wide open plains. I’ve got the west in my blood.  I grew up in BIG SKY country, so I guess you could say that I write big sky COUNTRY,” states Maroney.


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