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Frank Fletcher Announces Traveler's Soundtrack, "Cold, Dark & Lonely"

No stranger to playing over 200 shows a year, Frank Fletcher shares how “Cold, Dark & Lonely” the road can be in his new single, available October 6. When the lights go off and a new city awaits, the bittersweet emotion of a traveling man rolls in.

“The road isn’t always glamorous,”Fletcher states. “The highs are really high and the lows can sometimes be exceptionally low. Musicians are always torn between their music, road life and yearning for their home. The highway is lonely but it's worth it. Especially when your fanbase and listeners feel the emotion poured into the music.”

This is a testimony for not only musicians, but truckers, travelers and more. And after a month-long tour in South Dakota and regular shows on the Gulf Coast and beyond, Frank Fletcher's diary entry is raw and exposes the very real reality of many.

"Cold, Dark & Lonely" will be available on all platforms Friday, October 6. "This song is the soundtrack of so many in this industry and beyond," states Burning Ground Entertainment owner, Dawn DeJongh. For more on Frank Fletcher, visit and follow him on TikTok @frankfletchermusic and Instagram @frankfletchermusic1.

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