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Feel Empowered with Dariann Leigh's New Single "Let Me Go"

After several weeks of teasers about her new single, Dariann Leigh released “Let Me Go.” Her last single “Closer” was a huge hit and earned her features on CMT and Country Rebel. The 21-year-old from a small-town Minnesota is looking at a bright future in country music, as she records her music in Nashville. She says that she wants to be the theme songs to people’s daydreams. Dariann’s goal is to write soundtracks for dashboard drummers, hairbrush singers, and air guitar players.

“Let Me Go” shows Dariann Leigh’s fierce personality and that she knows her own self-worth. Dariann sings “any love we had here is nothing but gone.” In many cases, couple’s breakup and get back together again and again, but that is not the case for Dariann Leigh. “Let Me Go” has an upbeat tune and is a different style breakup song. She won’t let someone leave her life and expect to be let right back in on their own expense. Stream “Let Me Go” on all platforms today and feel empowered with Dariann Leigh. Listen on YouTube below!


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