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Savor was formed to honor the more than 50-year career of latin-rock legend Carlos Santana — from the raw power of the self-titled album issued in 1969 to the recent spate of hits with current stars.that makes Santana’s music so well-loved.

How are you taking charge of your music right now?

Besides reconnecting with all the venues we stay in touch with (including sending out postcards every 3 or 4 months), we are active on several Social Media channels: Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. We are also giving fans a chance to get to know the band members better, and offering some "behind the scenes" clips of what it's been like for the last 15+ years.

How are you charging up while promoting your latest drop?

For me, it's writing that supplies my creative juice. So I am in the process of writing new vocal material for the Latin-rock band, as well as instrumental material for a couple of different projects. Both of those projects are guitar-bass-drum trios; trying to write melodic songs for that format is VERY difficult, but I love the challenge! With the trio, there's no hiding behind a fancy arrangement; if your song doesn't work, come up with a better melody!

What is a big declaration you want to make known when it comes to your new music?

I'm a big believer in feedback -- I REALLY want to hear what people think, good, bad, or indifferent. When writing for the last album, I made sure to play all the songs in front of multiple live audiences. If I didn't get a good reaction, I kept changing the song until it resonated with people.

Is there more of you as an artist that fans haven't seen yet?

There are a lot of layers in this band. As you can read in our bios, everyone is a long-time musician with a rich past. I believe this experience is part of what gives us our power. When writing the bios, I found out a lot of stuff I didn't know -- and I've played with some of the guys for more than 10 years!

What do you have lined up performance wise for your fans to listen to the song?

Once the songs are ready, we'll introduce them at shows. But it may take a little while: some of us are separated by more than 200 miles, so it's challenging for us to get together to develop new material.

Is there something that you could take it or leave it when it comes to the music industry?

The specialization is a little frustrating for me. I love an extremely wide variety of music. In the "popular" world, everything from Abba to Ozzy Osbourne, Maroon 5 to the Beatles. But there's also jazz, classical, traditional Latin; you name it. So I'd love to see channels that gave their listeners a sampling of many different styles.

What is something that is the deal breaker for you on whether the project gets made? And what about your latest music made you want to go forward?

Weak songs -- it's as simple as that. Unless the song is there, no amount of production in the studio can save it, and I don't even try. However, if I see potential in a song, I will continue to tweak it until it works. As an example, I re-wrote one of the songs on our last album 6 times. The band members thought I was nuts! But as a result, most people agree it's the best song on the album.

And as far as what is currently making me want to go forward, it's an internal push. I think you have to be at least a little neurotic to be a songwriter. In my case, it's not that I want to write, it's that I HAVE to write.

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