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Exclusive Interview with KinderCrowdControl

What is the importance of standing united in your music as mates?

Edem: Crucial! The friendship, and our history, comes first; the music follows. Making KinderCrowdControl music with Brett is as natural as cracking a beer together. We’ve walked this path so long, yet we are constantly surprised by what we create. This is the adventure we relish. I guess we continue to inspire each other and are united in our efforts to push the boundaries of what we create. But it’s our joint musical conversation that makes our music “talk”.

Brett: Without standing united we stand apart, and that’s a lonely place to be. The thing with music is that there are many contributors to a song. Writers, Performers, Producers, Distributors, Marketing etc. Without an army at your side, all you have is yourself. I like to make reference to the timeless saying that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, and then add “Neither was it built by a single person”. Standing with your mates is very important. Music truly takes a community. Does the friendship come first before music? Edem: See above!

Brett: Always. Without the friendships we have, there is no joy in the music we make. Music has always been a commodity which has been meant for sharing with others. So we need friendships and community in order to make this work. How do you make sure to check in mentally as you're making more music regularly? Edem: Life’s tasks are all about focus. This is a lesson I passed on to my son Griffen; if you can focus, nothing is impossible. So I focus, listen, digest, and then dive in.

Brett: I usually start with a cup of coffee. What are the efforts you're making to build on your brand KinderCrowdControl? Edem: Thanks to BsquaredMGMT, we are pushing out news, answering interview questions, creating graphics, doing podcasts, attending to Instagram and Facebook, and above all, releasing as much new music as often as we can.

Brett: Everything we can think of. Building a business is tough, and building a brand is even tougher. Having the help of organizations like BsquaredMGMT has been crucial in spreading our name out to the world. They help us be in more places than one which helps spread brand awareness. There are many, many choices that consumers can make when it comes to music, and we have extended our efforts to enlisting an army to help. Give us the essence of what KinderCrowdControl means to you? Edem: Freedom of musical expression. A chance to build something that transcends musical boundaries. To create a legacy of originality and excellence. A chance to continue hanging, and creating, with Brett!

Brett: Hanging out with my friend Edem and crafting more sonic candy for our fans to enjoy. What does your music mean to you? Edem: Excitement, fun, freedom, and pride. I love this KinderCrowdControl journey.

Brett: That’s like asking, what does my right arm mean to me. I think music is part of each of us and without it we are just not whole. What song is coming our way soon? Edem: “Electric Sheep”. Almost ready to upload at the time of this interview.

Brett: “Electric Sheep” is next to be released, but there are many other tunes we’ve released too, all worthy of a spin. What do we need to listen to now? Edem: We always love our latest music, but we’re particularly stoked with all our recent releases. Check out “FREEKA!”, “Atomic Tango”, and “Yes”. Start there. You can check it all out at

Brett: And don’t forget to find us on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Spotify. Forward, share, like and subcribe!

Edem: And remember, KinderCrowdControl is one word!


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