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"It is truly amazing that we can share our music with the world without being signed to a label and have control over our business"

How are you taking charge of your music right now?

I am an independent artist so I take charge of pretty much everything right now. It gets kind of crazy as I am not only the artist but I manage and coordinate all the projects. How are you charging up while promoting your latest drop Gray Hair? Even though releasing new music is very exciting, it is at the same time very exhausting. I try (really try) to take one day at a time and combine the business of the day with a healthy lifestyle that would keep me working at the best energy. What is a big declaration you want to make known when it comes to your new music? That we can still have joy in the midst of any adversity or suffering. Is there more of you as an artist that fans haven't seen yet? I love dancing and acting as well as writing and singing. I was more involved in those disciplines years ago but it would be amazing to one day explore those fields again. Being part of a musical would definitely be a dream. What do you have lined up performance wise for your fans to listen to the song? I am using my online platforms and social media to share more about my music right now but I am looking forward to performing more in 2022. Is there something that you could take it or leave it when it comes to the music industry?

I take all the advantages that these times are offering specially to independent artists with what digital platforms and social media are offering to us. It is truly amazing that we can share our music with the world without being signed to a label and have control over our business. I would leave getting caught up with the comparison game in the industry and also how sadly the industry worships more the numbers than the content. What is something that is the deal breaker for you on whether the project gets made? And what about Gray Hair made you go forward? I try to always prioritize the authenticity of a song and if I really enjoy it. It really comes to whether I am feeling it and believe in it. I don’t then I cannot expect others to do that with my song. I have always been confident with Gray Hair. I believed it to be one of my new singles since I wrote it. I enjoy this song as well as the message I want to share with it so I went forward with it. Let's find your music and more! Leave us with links! Thank you Constanza! LINKS Listen to Gray Hair: Smart link: Spotify: Youtube Video:

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